About Us

Barsam Polymer has more than 5 years of management experience in Iran’s polyurethane industry.
The primary purpose of the Barsam polymer complex is to design and manufacture components that will enhance the country’s industrial and mining projects and active partners in the oil and gas sector. All the people in the Barsham Polymer complex is utilizing the utmost facilities and expertise of dedicated workforce is the only way to produce quality and up-to-date products. This company also seeks to localize consumables in the country’s industry to achieve 100 percent national production and there is no need to import any similar goods in this area. Achieving this level of success, of course, will require a day’s work and use of science, expertise and commitment alongside consumer support.

Among the reasons for the growing success of this company is having a technical and management staff with academic knowledge along with experienced and experienced consultants in various industries.

The Barsam Polymer thinking Room is capable of designing any functional component as well as the ability to remove any potential defects in any component or equipment.

We are proud to have been a quality Iranian manufacturer of polyurethane over and over again and we have produced some of the components for the first time, relying on the knowledge and expertise of the Barsam Polymer Company in our country, and have been proud to work with most of our mineral processing lines.

Barsam Polymer’s goal is to achieve 100% native and national industry with regional and trans-regional competitive power.

In addition to producing the quality product we need, it is our honor to being a consultant and responsive customer all the time.

برسام پلیمر